McCourt Manufacturing offers only the finest in quality craftsmanship, with long-lasting use in mind. Every one of our designs offers an industrial-grade durability that is sure to withstand the test of time.

However, accidents do happen, especially with hospitality equipment and outdoor furniture. Occasionally, you’re left with question of whether or not to repair or replace a product. We want our customers to know that most furniture repair issues can be an easy fix, especially with our products.

Why especially with our products? That’s because we already offer services to repair the most common furniture problems you’re likely to encounter.

Touch Up Paint

A common furniture repair issue are marks and scratches that can accumulate over time and make a perfectly serviceable piece of furniture look shabby. We have a quick fix for that! With plastic chairs or tables you would just need to sand down the damaged area (with a very fine sandpaper) until the area is smooth. When you’ve achieved your smooth surface, you would simply prime the area and repaint it.

It’s a bit more complicated with metals, but still easily repaired. For aluminum, abrasive 100-grit to 220-grit sandpaper would be better for sanding down the area. And for steel chairs or tables, you would use a wire brush or steel wool to sand the area down. You should take care to apply a specially designed metal-primer, before moving on to carefully repainting the damaged area.

Our furniture has a powder coat finish for industrial grade protection against corrosion. A powder coat is achieved by applying electrically charged powdered paint onto metal and then baking to cause it to set properly.


This kind of finish needs special touch up paint that is usually provided to you from the manufacturer. McCourt Manufacturing offers touch up paint in our basic colors to cover up all marks and scratches on your chair frames/seating. Visit our catalog to view our wide variety of color options!

Replaceable Chair Feet

We also offer replacement feet for our Series 5 Stackable Folding Chair. Our series 5 chair is one of our most popular products. It’s also the only one of its kind completely made in the USA!

Chair Feet
Our replaceable chair feet are available in beige, black or white.

Our rubber caps on our chair feet are used to safeguard the integrity of all floor surfaces. However, if some of the chair feet were to be lost somehow, the metal edges of the frame could leave gouges or become irritatingly lopsided! That’s why our replacement chair feet are easy to get and even easier to use.

Pro Tip: Need to fix a non-Series 5 chair? No problem! Our chair feet fit any 3/4" diameter frame.

McCourt Manufacturing Guarantee

Every great event begins with a firm foundation, and we believe that our products will deliver that firm foundation every time. In fact, we believe so strongly in the integrity of our craftsmanship that all our products come with a ready-made guarantee. Call McCourt Manufacturing at 479-783- 2593 or 800-333- 2687 to learn more about our full limited warranty on all our products!

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