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Entertainment is a must at any celebration or event. However, finding the right kind of entertainment for a variety of guests can be challenging. That’s why most event planners choose go with something that’s always proven to be fun for everyone: music and dancing. Whether your event is featuring a live band or a DJ, you’ll need a designated dance area that is sturdy, slip resistant and that, most importantly, holds up to high heels.

McCourt Manufacturing makes it easy by offering a solidly crafted dance floor that’ll be sure to stand up to even your most energetic guests.

1.      Entertainment Value

Music and dancing go hand in hand for a reason, not the least of which is that it breaks the ice and gets people mingling. A big part of throwing an event is getting your guests in the mood to celebrate. Dancing is sure to make the party come alive and keep things exciting! Our OvationTM Portable Dance Floor is the perfect addition to any party.

2.      Adjustable Sizes

McCourt’s OvationTM Portable Dance Floors are made up of 3’x3’ panels that easily come together to fit your ideal dance floor size. All the floor sections fasten together securely and seamlessly with the heavy duty Cam-Lock system. The 3’x3’ floor panels are easy to handle and even easier to transport! Click here to see McCourt’s exclusive Dance Floor EVENTruxTM Specifications.

McCourt’s OvationTM Portable Dance Floor can be easily adjusted to accommodate event space and guest capacity. A good rule of thumb for planning an event is to assume about 1/3 of the total number of guests will be on the dance floor at any given time. Determining what size floor you’ll need has never been simpler with McCourt’s floor size chart.

3.      Versatility

Our OvationTM Portable Dance Floor is equipped for both indoor and outdoor use. Our premium vinyl panels are maintenance free and easy to clean. The back of each panel comes with noskid Gatorback™ coating which protects from outdoor elements and prevents slippage. The ribbed aluminum edging features a slight slope for easy access.

4.      Customizable Color Scheme

Determining what kind of floor you need is as easy as asking yourself: What type of event are you planning? Classic ballroom hardwood may be appropriate for formal events, or an event with a specific dress code may call for a matching color themed dance floor.

Currently, our portable dance floors are available in Light Oak, Windsor Oak vinyl, and Black or White laminate. Of course, we can provide other customizable color options upon request.

5.      Storage Space

One of the OvationTM Portable Dance Floor’s biggest selling points is the easy compact storage capacity.

When disassembled, storing the 3’x3’ panels is as simple as turning them onto their side and sliding them together or stacking them into a neat column. McCourt’s OvationTM Portable Dance Floor is ideal for limited storage space!


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