Check out this picture from our latest ugly Christmas sweater party!

The continued popularity of outdoor, rustic weddings and outdoor events make it all the more important for you to have everything your clients want and possibly things they don’t even know they need.

There is a lot of truth in a 2014 column published by The discussing how dance has the ability to bring people together no matter where they are from, what they look like or what they believe. Have you ever noticed this at an event you’ve attended? Once people get on the dance floor it seems like they can finally let their hair down, let loose and relax.

Are you looking for a fresh new way to jazz up the standard buffet set-up for your venue? Specialty interactive cocktail and food stations are a cool and hip way to offer your guests the opportunity to customize drinks and food. What better time to try it out than the holidays? These interactive stations can be amped up with a bit of holiday sparkle and cheer to set that festive tone. In addition to McCourt’s many options in the regular table line-up, there are two other products that will make your event stand out from the rest—the ProRent™ Plywood Serpentine Bar and the Little Chiller™ Table.

Is your venue looking for new ways to appeal to guests or does your event coordinator need fresh ideas to help non-profits come up with something new? Murder Mystery parties have been around for a while, but are recently experiencing a resurgence among partygoers. Guests enjoy them because they get to dress up and they are directly involved with the party. Event directors love them, because they practically plan themselves, especially if the director opts to purchase a package through a company like and there is no need to hire additional entertainment. There are several themes to choose from accommodating small intimate parties or larger sizes. There are many other great murder mystery companies out there to fit all needs.

The holidays are upon us and the first big one is fast approaching, Thanksgiving. More and more families are opting to let someone else do the cooking so they can enjoy that precious family time.

McCourt Manufacturing offers the PartyPack™ product for your convenience and desire to offer your clients several table options.

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