With football season upon us, it is time to get prepped and ready for tailgating. I like to say that the tailgate is one of the most important parts of football season. I know it is not a competition, but I like to think that the more you put into your tailgate setup, the more you are respected by the other fans.

Truth be told, I just like to see all of the different fancy setups that are around every game day. I love to see how into it people get!

That being said, maybe you are new to the whole tailgate thing or looking to revamp your set up. McCourt Manufacturing has all of the essentials to make your tailgate setup as awesome as it can be.

A great tailgate set up starts with great basics like good quality tables and chairs. Lucky for you, this is the McCourt Manufacturing specialty. Here is a list of all the great finds on our website that will make your tailgate shine.

  1. Commercial Lite Table

There is no better basic than the Commercial Lite Table. This will take you far and wide for any tailgate set up, and it really is the foundation for all tailgates. Think about how many amazing food setups you can have on such a wonderful, sturdy, and portable table.

Courtesy of Kellie Randle

  1. Econolite Plastic Folding Table

In the same way as the Commerical Lite table, this does the same thing. We like options around here.

  1. Econolite Folding Chairs

Want some matching chairs to go with that table? We have just the thing. These are great basics that will last a lifetime and will do you so much good this football season and beyond.

  1. Series 5 Fanback Folding Chair

If you want something with slightly more pizazz and fun than other chairs, go with this one! It is just as portable, sturdy, and versatile as the other, but it has some lovely detailing on the back.

  1. Fill ‘N Chill Party Table

There is no better showstopping tailgate table than this one. If you want to be the tailgate with the best set up and the most practical, this is absolutely the table to get. Fill it up with all the goods, and I’m telling you, you’ll win that fake competition I was talking about.

That’s all you need to get the proper setup going. Have fun, and happy football!

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