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With the new Barbie movie, the whole world has turned pink. I love it! I find it so fun, refreshing, and wholesome to see this happen. Everyone wants to throw a Barbie party because it is all the rage. So, let’s take it to the next level and throw a children’s tea party in the style of Barbie (so very pink). As a kid, I loved tea parties. I felt so fancy and special, and it brought a simple joy to my life that I will always be grateful to have had.

Anyways, lucky for you, this tea party can be even more pink because McCourt Manufacturing has the most the perfect chairs. The beloved Chiavari chair strikes again, but this time, it is a Kids Pink Resin Chiavari Chair. How stunning!

I know as a little girl I would’ve simply died if I would’ve had these chairs for my tea parties. Anyways, they really set the tone for the vibe of the tea party which is great. Now you need to get a table to set up the remainder of the party. If you are looking for something new, definitely check out all the tables McCourt Manufacturing has to offer here.

This table setup is so on trend with the new Barbie movie, so I think it is a great one to follow for something super funky, fun, and fresh. Peep the Kids Pink Resin Chiavari Chair in the back!

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This one below is also totally awesome and really uses light pink hearts as its main decorative pattern. Love it.

Courtesy of Nicoleeachus.com

It is easy to throw a Barbie party when everything just needs to be pink. The little ones will love it, and if you throw in a Barbie movie marathon (Barbie and the 12 Dancing Princesses is my all-time favorite) the party is sure to be a hit!

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