With spring about to be in full swing and the summer not yet here, we are about to get in that sweet spot of warm, pleasant weather. The heat is not too intense, but it is warm enough to sit outside, grill out, and drink some nice, cold drinks. I love seeing people spend time outside, especially when just having good vibes, listening to music, and hanging out with people they care about. 

For example, I live in an apartment complex that has a really lovely outdoor and pool area. Yesterday was so sunny and warm, there were a slew of friends all hanging at the pool, listening to music, and grilling out. It made my heart smile, and it was simply a great scene to see.

However, the only thing I think that would have made that whole hang out better is if they would have had a great cooler and table for food and drinks. That can get pretty bulky and messy, but if you could have something that is a combined product that would be perfect.

 Surely that doesn’t exist is what you’re thinking to yourself… 

Well, today is your lucky day because something like this does exist, and McCourt Manufacturing sells it.




Let me introduce you to the Chillin’ Products line at McCourt Manufacturing. There are both large and small versions of these tables to fit your needs.


You can view them here.


The Fill N Chill Table and the Little Chiller table are two products that really shine for outdoor parties, events, and good ol’ fashioned hangouts. They are deep tables with tons of room for ice and work better than a cooler and just like a regular table!



Both versions are made of a highly durable material that are made for tons of use for years to come, can deal with various weather conditions, and so much more.


Make your spring and summer events, barbecues, and parties stand out! Buy a Chillin’ Product today.

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