I am nowhere near getting married (read: I am single beyond measure), but I do love seeing all the beautiful wedding ceremonies and receptions on my various social media feeds like Pinterest and Instagram. I just like seeing so many beautiful celebrations of love! If I ever get married, maybe these will serve as some inspiration for me. Who knows?  

I have never been a big fan of really large-scale weddings. I think they are absolutely stunning and have their place, it is more of just a personal preference. I like intimate ceremonies that feel super special and personalized. However, to each their own!

 This Renaissance Opulence Wedding Feast 

You probably do not know this, but I have an MA in Renaissance Art History. Therefore, this wedding is just absolutely up my alley. I cannot imagine a more luxurious display of divine opulence and elegance than this. I love the dried bundles of leaves, fresh fruit, layered fabrics, and glorious glassware. This looks straight out of a Renaissance masterpiece and I am so here for it.


Courtesy of Pinterest


Simplified Elegance 

If you like something a little more on the understated side that just screams sophistication and classic style, then this next wedding is for you. The photo of these glasses is absolutely enough to let you know that this wedding was that black-tie wedding you only see in magazines. I. Love. It. Imagine a whole reception of clean palace settings, long, tapered candles, and chairs like these. Wow.


Courtesy of Du Jour Events


Vegas, Baby!

Lastly, I love those old school, almost cliché style weddings in Vegas chapels. Give me the cheesiness! However, even with the vibrant neon and velvet everything, I find these to be quite classic weddings with a particularly nostalgic charm I just cannot get enough of. Absolutely love the fun details people tend to add at these sorts of weddings, like pink frilly veils, those classic, very 80s style tiered cakes… and everything in between. This one at Sure Thing Chapel… it is everything!


Courtesy of Sure Thing Chapel


Every wedding needs seating and tabling options, let us take care of that for you! Whether big or small, these weddings are made to be fitted with the best of the best. Let us give it to you!

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