Are you in the market for an expertly crafted table that can be used for any occasion? We’ve got what you’re looking for! Pedestal tables are well-designed, effortlessly stylish, and can be used for just about anything. Since the 1950’s, pedestal tables have become wildly popular and they remain one of the most versatile tables on the market.

Frame Material

The most important thing to consider when choosing a pedestal table is the quality of its material. Frames made with aluminum or steel are your best bet for long lasting use. Aluminum is lightweight and more resistant to rusting and corrosion than any other metal. Steel is less expensive, more heat resistant, and can support heavier loads.

When it comes to tabletops, laminate surfaces are the better choice for any plywood table. A high pressure laminate tabletop is stain resistant and very easy to clean. Check out the variety of stock laminate choices for McCourt Manufacturing’s pedestal tables here.


Pedestal tables come in all shapes and sizes. Be aware that the size of a pedestal table’s column will affect the kind of chairs you buy. The standard 30-inch high columns are fine with regular sized chairs and seating. The taller 42-inch columns are stool height and should be paired with high chairs and stools.

However, a pedestal table with an adjustable column can be lowered or raised in order to fit any sized seating! These adjustable pedestal tables are usually secured with a locking bolt for maximum sturdiness. McCourt Manufacturing’s Telescopic Column offers table heights of 30”, 36” and 42” from a single column.


Pedestal tables are popular because they can be used for just about anything! They’re most commonly used as banquet tables, café tables, side tables, and display tables.

Their versatility means that pedestal tables can be used for candlelight dinners at a formal occasion or for casual lunches at a trendy café. Their round tabletops allow guests to have a full view of all those seated around the table. This can be perfect for either intimate meetings or informal get-togethers! Pedestal tables allow an odd number of people to be seated at one table without anybody running into table legs or pointy edges. Depending on the size of the tabletop, pedestal tables can seat up to 2-5 people. Their high columns and low pedestal bases provide guests with ample leg room to sit comfortably.

Pedestal tables can also be used to display decorations or offer food and refreshments. Their height and pillar-like design cause them to stand out, which is great when you want to show something off!

This pedestal table is being used to display a wedding cake.

Pedestal tables are the best option for saving space! When it comes to table arrangements, pedestal tables offer a lot more leeway because the efficiency of their design delivers sturdiness without any unnecessary bulk. They also make it easier for guests to maneuver around an enclosed space because they have no corners to bump into!


At McCourt Manufacturing, our exclusive Party PackTM offers 8 knockdown pedestal tables loaded onto our Party Cart for easy transportation. Customize your order by choosing between our 30" or 36" diameter tops! The Party PackTM is easily the best choice for well-crafted pedestal tables at a bargain price.

Our knockdown pedestal tables easily dissemble into three parts (tabletop, column, and base) for easy storage. However, we decided to make things even better with our exclusive Flip Top Pedestal Table! Set up is made easy by this lightweight pedestal table that locks securely into place with a few simple steps. Tear down is a breeze when you can fold away the Flip Top into a flat line, making it ideal for slotting into limited storage space.


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