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In the market for buying high quality event furniture in bulk? Look no further! At McCourt Manufacturing we know how difficult it is to find well-crafted furniture at bargain prices. That’s why we encourage wholesale shoppers to take a look at our large selection of event furniture. Our extensive product line offers furniture models in wood, metal, aluminum, and resin with many slick finishes that can be matched with any occasion. We take great pride in offering a wide selection of table and seating options at an affordable price.

When you’re looking to buy quantities in bulk, a good relationship with a dependable manufacturer is the way to go!

Product Sourcing

The people who buy furniture in bulk are often either commercial buyers or in the rental industry. This means that they’ll be buying in bulk pretty regularly in order to stock their inventory. This calls for finding a reliable source for furniture.

Many people source their products directly from the product manufacturer. Cultivating a relationship directly with a manufacturer can be very beneficial for both of you.

The alternative is buying from dealerships who offer wholesale furniture. There are a lot of downsides to this method, however. These dealers must outsource their products from the companies that sell to them. The companies are the ones who handle delivery and occasionally installation. Many people prefer to cut out the middle man in order to save money. 

Dealing Directly

Budget-conscious shoppers usually opt for dealing directly with manufacturing companies. A direct relationship will make sure your needs are fulfilled without any needless go-between. This prevents communication failure or something getting lost in translation between the two different companies. Sourcing products directly from where they’re manufactured also cuts down on shipping costs.

Having a direct relationship with a manufacturer also helps with learning details about the manufacturing process that can save you money. For example, at McCourt Manufacturing we sell our products fully assembled, which eliminates any installation fees.

Dealing directly with manufacturing companies provides you with more versatility. Wholesalers tend to be pretty inflexible when it comes to what they can offer. Meanwhile, manufacturing companies have the raw components available on-site to make changes to any of their designs. This makes it possible for manufacturing companies to offer special deals or custom specifications with their products.

Manufacturers will work with you! Developing a good relationship with a manufacturer is important in the long run. A mutually beneficial relationship is always good for business.

Established Trends

When looking for a manufacturer to cultivate a relationship with, make sure they’re well-stocked in products that sell well. It’s important to keep up with long established trends when shopping in bulk. You’re going to be buying a lot of identical stock, so it’s best to make sure you’re happy with the product.

Try to buy chairs and tables that are versatile. They fit with every occasion and theme with minimal changes. Take advantage of simple designs and colors by giving it your own twist. You should get the look and feel you want. From gleaming metal, sturdy resin, and stylish hardwood keep a lookout for the best options that will fit any style and theme.


McCourt Manufacturing is your online source for buying event furniture in bulk. Spend some time browsing our product pages where you’ll find a variety of furniture options at a price you can afford! With bargain prices we make it easy for our customers to find high quality table and seating to fit their budget.

Give us a call at 479-783-2593 or 800-333-2687 and you’ll see why McCourt Manufacturing has the best for less!

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