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Social distancing has become so common in our everyday language that we use it when talking about basically anywhere we may be outside our homes. It is certainly something every business has had to learn to deal with from transitioning employees to working remotely from home or setting clear boundaries to keep essential employees a safe distance from customers. The business of events has been hit particularly hard during this COVID-19 pandemic. These are unprecedented and difficult times for everyone. What can you do to keep your business relevant to existing and potential clients for when things get back to normal?

  • Highlight your business and products via a social media livestream. Show off what you have to offer. If you have tables and chairs available for rent, set a beautiful tablescape or show event coordinators various ways to use your rental items.

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  • Many people are offering free classes during quarantine that would normally cost people thousands of dollars to attend from free ballet classes to a Zoom call Q&A all the way from Paris with Sylvette David one of Picasso’s muses. Take advantage of the captive audience and show them your unique skills. Offer a series of design sessions highlighting your skills or live Q&A.

  • Continue meeting with clients via video calls to schedule future event dates.

When the quarantine is over and we get back to our regular lives like enjoying a nice dinner out with friends and going to events, it doesn’t mean you have to get back to the way things were pre-COVID-19. Eventually, we will get back to social gatherings, but I believe there will be a new normal, a better normal, a better way of doing business such as the things mentioned above.

McCourt Manufacturing is here for you and your event needs with a wide variety of tables and chairs to fit any space and any budget. We’re all in this together and we will get through this.

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