The holidays are upon us and the first big one is fast approaching, Thanksgiving. More and more families are opting to let someone else do the cooking so they can enjoy that precious family time.

Is your restaurant, hotel or venue hosting a Thanksgiving feast? If so, you have probably been focused on ordering just the right food to make it spectacular, but do you have enough tables to hold all that delicious food? More importantly, do you have enough tables to allow for a knockout presentation? After all, this is a special time and you will want to make your presentation special for your guests. McCourt Manufacturing produces a variety of tables for a variety of needs.

The Commercialite® Folding Table comes in four sizing categories: seminar, banquet, round and bench. Read more details about all the great ways this table can be set-up here.

The Econolite® Plastic Folding table comes in two sizing categories: banquet and round. 

McCourt also offers a great chair for this table that comes in two sizing categories as well: standard and deluxe.

The Flip Top Pedestal Table allows your guests freedom to move around, especially if you are hosting a cocktail hour before dinner. You can read more details about how to set this great little table up for any event here.

After you have acquired all the tables you need, you will want to make the table settings special for your guests. Thanksgiving and the holidays are about family and coming home, so why not make your guests feel at home with you in your restaurant or venue.

A white and gold table set-up is always classic and timeless. This look can be achieved for very little extra expense and your guests will appreciate the special effort making them want to come back year after year. Create your blank canvas by covering the tables with a white tablecloth. Add a few simple white pumpkins, white candles and tuck a white rose here and there for an extra-special touch. Often times, caterers or restaurants don’t want to invest in fresh flowers for fear the cost will get out of control, but you can do it for very little expense. If you order your roses from a supplier, they will come in bundles of 25, which should complete five to eight tables. In order to not look too sparse, cut the rose short and place in a small vase or votive candleholder as in the picture. Another advantage to cutting the roses short is that you can order a shorter rose for less money, there is no need to pay the extra dollars for long-stemmed roses. Add a few touches of gold to pull the whole look together. Your guests will appreciate the extra effort.

If your venue is a lodge or cabin vibe, create a table with warm colors like browns and the classic oranges.

Consider investing in brown napkins as in this picture and adding a simple thankful tag to create a personal touch for your guests. You can also add a little something special like the twig of berries in this picture.

Let McCourt Manufacturing help you with all your table needs, so you have more time to create a special Thanksgiving celebration for your guests. Call us today at 479-783-2593 or toll-free at 800-333-2687 to order your Thanksgiving tables!

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