It is nearly time for Thanksgiving, so I want to talk about an over-the-top Thanksgiving extravaganza for all the extra people in the world out there like me. If you are familiar with the dark academia aesthetic, you will surely understand the vibe I am going for with this party. When I say extravaganza I do not mean throwing turkeys and leaves everywhere for a hot mess of a table setting. I mean a dinner party that exudes sophistication, excellence, and more than anything else: luxury.

If you want to talk about the aesthetic, think The Secret History meets Dutch Baroque still life paintings, with a mix of an ancient Roman feast. Yeah, when I say extravaganza I mean opulence everywhere.

It is my dream to throw a Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving dinner party like this one day.

Traditionally, when I think of Thanksgiving I think about familial ties, tradition, and warmth. Let’s take those ideas and amplify them with my opulent Roman feast.

Courtesy of Décor to Adore

How to achieve this you might ask? Well, let’s get started.

First, you need the most bourgeois, elegant, and unique tableware you can find. Places like Goodwill are the perfect shop to find some stellar pieces for the right price.

All the glass and crystal you can find as well as any type of ceramic dish with an elaborate pattern is a great way to showcase the mismatched but wonderfully put together aesthetic.

More than anything else, however, you need lots of candles. This Thanksgiving should only be lit by candlelight to really get that dark academia, Dutch still life feel.

In addition to that, make the table scape really natural and earthy. Wildflowers, dried fruits, and an assortment of greenery will do the trick.

Lastly, to pull together the academic vibe, you need two more things (ideally): some sort of turntable or of-the-past sound system to play some tunes as well as an assortment of classic literature to help bring levels to your table.

No one needs to be engaged with these books during the party, but they are there to complete the vibe.

Now put on your Baroque classical records or your finest dark academic playlist and you surely will have the most opulent, exuberant, Thanksgiving extravaganza.

Courtesy of Restoration House Blog

If you need any tables or chairs to help make this event happen, McCourt Manufacturing is the place for you. Whether you are looking for something fancy like this table or more versatile and ready for all types of events, we can get you what you are looking for in a jiffy.

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