I love summer. I love the long nights that seemingly never end and are filled with great conversation, yummy drinks, and good company. Everything feels right in the world if you know what I mean. Oh, and with a pool involved? Do not even get me started. There is something so wonderful about it all.

Anyways, I think this summer my main goal is to have a bunch of fun parties! They do not need to be anything too intense, I think just any event that brings people together is a great way to spend the summer. Here are my top three summer party ideas that I want to do this year!

Even with offices, venues, and other such places that maybe deal with bigger and more involved events, you can use some of these party themes.

  1. Outdoor Backyard Movie Night

Something else I love is definitely a good movie night—especially when outdoors. There is just something so magnificent about the warmth of the night, little lights, popcorn, blankets, and a good ol’ movie.

Some items that would be good for this night: a projector, projector screen or wall, and these Garden Chairs.

  1. Pool Party Soirée

Think pool party but fancy. Not too fancy though because obviously people are going to want to be swimming. I only say fancy because instead of a barbecue (which is great) let’s use a full on table setting and more finger food, small dishes. This one is definitely for the girlies, and with some bottles of champagne or pitchers of sangria, it is sure to win the hearts.

Some items for this one: Cohesive table décor, pool toys, and the Farmhouse Legacy Table, and the Chillin’ Products.

  1. Outdoor Charcuterie Night

I love a charcuterie or grazing board. Have everything make one that involves different food items/themes and get crazy! Not only does that take the pressure off of you to get food together, but it is a ton of fun for everyone else too!

Some products I suggest: Farmhouse Legacy Table, Pedestal Flip Top, fun decorations, and tons of small plates and cups.

I hope everyone has a ton of fun this summer and looks into some of these ideas!

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