I love art. I have basically dedicated my life to the craft and the field in general. I just completed a MA in the History of Art at the Courtauld Institute of Art in London for example. I say this not to boast but moreover prove that I am an art girlie (as the kids would say, I can barely keep up nowadays).

So, that being said, I know a few things about throwing a small exhibition opening, planning one, and you know, making art. I do not think enough people in the world are throwing enough art shows and hosting openings. We often get so stuck in our mind in how art exhibitions and so forth “ought” to be and end up missing out on all sorts of fun. It does not take that much to really pull something great together. Let the art do the talking, provide some drinks, and enjoy the night.

Fort Smith and the River Valley has some amazing local artists that you can feature and help sell their work. If you’re looking for a list of artists to contact, definitely check out the Gallery of Garrison Ave, Fort Smith Coffee Company, and the Bakery District. I am sure they would be more than happy to help you get in contact with artists and help set up some shows!

Okay, so I think every great art event needs some tables to ponder the art and take a sip of wine just like any sophisticated art critic would do. You know, like the movies.

There is no better table for this than the trustworthy Flip Top Pedestal table! We all know how I feel about this table. It is perfect for events when you do not want to be tied down to the constraints of a formal table. It invites mingling, and it invites people to discuss the art.

Just remember to keep the tables and drinks further away from the art to prevent any accidental damage from occurring.

People will want to sit a bit too. Perhaps not at a table, but just to rest their legs. Go for something classy and understated like the Alloyfold Fanback Chair so people can move them around and still get the best view of the art while seated.

In regard to the space to host the art exhibition at, look for something spacious, open, and airy. It does not need to be huge, but it should not feel too small or confined. We want it to be inviting and draw people in. Again, the Bakery District is a great place to look into for this.

If you want additional help in curating artwork, give me a call. I would be happy to help. Happy art days!

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