I like warmer weather only when I can be outside a lot. I love to spend time in the parks, eating outside, outdoor concerts, and I love a casual outdoor bar! Anything and everything outdoors in the spring and early summer, I am a huge fan. HUGE!


Now, ask me this question again in July and August, and it is totally different unless its at night after the sun has gone down. Relief from the heat for sure. Anyway, people generally love to spend time outside. Maybe you are a restaurant, bar, or concert venue owner looking to expand into the outdoor market. There is definitely money to be made there. Are you looking for seating options that are cool, sleek, durable, and made specifically for outdoor use?


I can help with that! The Elle Bar Stool from McCourt Manufacturing is a prime choice for anyone looking to get into the outdoor game. Seriously!



These are sleek, sophisticated, durable, and adaptable chairs made for outdoor venues of all kinds. Whether you are opening a bar by a pool at a hotel, doing a cool day club, or anything in between, these chairs are definitely for you.


Coming in both black and white with small backs for added comfort, these chairs can adapt to nearly anything. These are sure to be crowd pleasers. They are made of a nearly indestructible Polypropylene frame with glass fiber, UV resistant, and 100% recyclable. What more could you ask for! Easy to clean, stack, and keep intact. The Elle Bar Stool is sure to make you swoon and take your business to the next level. Max level elevation!



Give us a call to talk about pricing and if these chairs suit your needs the best. We are happy to help however we can and point you in the direction for the best chairs, tables, and more for all your needs.

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