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If you’ve planned any sort of wedding, public event, or prom, you know how awful it is to try and haul tables back and forth from storage to event space then back to storage. Tables are kind of heavy and really awkward to carry long distances. It really doesn’t matter how strong you are, people still have issues with them! It is a hassle and can make your party set-up and tear-down take way too long. There is no need for that with EVENTrux Table Trucks.

These things are lifesavers for all party planners and event staff! This will make your set-up and tear-down super efficient and easy peasy. With their heavy-duty construction, these are long-lasting and made to handle the biggest of events. If you are in the hospitality industry, these should be an essential investment for you and your business.

They have large wheels and castors for limitless mobility. There is a wide variety of different sizes and kinds of EVENTrux Table Trucks depending on your needs. They are made to fit your needs in every shape and size! They are made with high-quality materials and great craftsmanship just to ensure that promised long life of service.


The EVENTrux Table Trucks are something you don’t want to miss out on. Chat with us today about ordering some of these so you can be prepared for your next event.

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