When I was in high school, which I am suddenly realizing was a very long time ago, we had a winter formal that always around Valentine’s Day. It was a sweet little event, where everyone wore their little cocktail dresses, and we decorated it like a lovey, dovey winter wonderland. Technically, it was never Valentine’s Day themed, but it was close enough.

So, for me to reminisce on one of the sweeter memories of high school, let us plan a cute Valentine’s Day dance for high schoolers. You can also adapt this to be for a sorority date party, some sort of business event, and all that good jazz.

I always loved being on the planning committees for these dances in high school. I never put my name in the hat for prom queen, but I definitely was the decorating queen. That is a fact.

Any good high school dance is not complete without a good balloon backdrop.

Kids these days are obsessed with taking photos to post on their various social medias. Hey, who can blame them? It is pretty much the world we live in today.

Courtesy of Pinterest

Even though we want a big dance floor at this event, we need to include some tables and chairs for those wanting to take a break, who are not quite as into dancing, and who perhaps just want to rest their feet.

I am once again going to recommend the Chiavari chairs as a staple piece to this event, but I will also say the Gala Resin chairs would be a great option as well. Now for tables, this can be a little more up to you, but I would personally recommend these classic round tables we offer. They are versatile and made for anything and pair well with the chair options I have already stated. These Commercialite tables come in many shapes and sizes, so pick whatever you feel satisfies your event requirements.

Courtesy of Marry Me Tampa Bay

You really do not need much when it comes to a high school dance. You provide the basics like tables and chairs, a photo backdrop, a solid dj, and you are absolutely golden.

Make sure to accentuate the pinks and reds and oh-so many hearts for the decorations.

Contact McCourt Manufacturing for all your event needs, no matter for a business, high school, or something else. We have you covered.

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