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Adding some stylish vintage flair into your décor has never been so easy or looked so good as with McCourt Manufacturing’s Tolix Rustic Metal Chairs.

Available in chair and bar stool sizes.

Vintage metal furnishings are a good choice for businesses and events because of their natural durability and eye-catching design. Take a look at some of the amazing benefits these chairs have to offer.

Extra Durable

The Tolix metal chair design has a long history of quality craftsmanship. People have been using this style of chair since 1934, when the first Tolix Metal A Frame was introduced as an inexpensive and easily mass-produced product in the aftermath of World War I. 

The simple A Frame of the Tolix chair was crafted from industrial sheet metal and specifically engineered for long-lasting strength and durability.


Tolix Rustic Metal Chairs are made from the same hardy stock, but with a few cleverly engineered extras built in.

These additional features include:

·         Lightweight design (easy maneuvering)

·         A solid cross brace underneath the seat for extra stability

·         Stackable design (they stack up to 8 chairs high)

·         Vintage distressed powder coat finish

·         Small caps on cross brace protect finish when stacked

·         Smooth rounded edges (no sharp corners to bump into)

·         Protective rubber floor glides (perfect for hard wood floors)

Vintage Style

Vintage furniture pieces have become extremely popular. Mixing the old with the new has always been a universally appealing design technique. Today, there are entire websites just for helping people incorporate vintage furnishings into their modern interior designs.

The vintage distressed look of the Tolix Rustic Metal Chairs make for stylish furniture pieces, with the added bonus of expert craftsmanship for long-lasting use.

The Tolix Rustic Metal Chairs also come in a variety of colors for any design combination!


One of the many good things about the Tolix Rustic Metal Chairs is their ability to go with any occasion. These chairs are easily incorporated into any place or event.

Commercial Use

Our Tolix Rustic Metal Chairs feature a trendy distressed look that pairs well with casual settings. But at the same time, the sleekness of their metal design affords a kind of modern flair that goes well with stylish formal occasions.

You can easily find these kinds of chairs in trendy bistros and cafés with quirky table settings. But their vintage midcentury style can also translate very well into sophisticated venues.

Outdoor Use

The durable metal frames of these chairs makes them perfect for the outdoors! The sturdiness of Tolix Rustic Metal Chairs along with their dirt-repelling coat of varnish makes them ideal for outdoor settings.

Vintage metal chairs look excellent paired with the casual atmosphere of an outdoor patio or the outdoor dining area of a restaurant. They also look amazing in a backyard event or set up on a balcony with a complementary metal railing.

Mix and Match!   

Contrasting styles is a very popular design technique. Pairing metal pieces with wooden furniture is a fashionable décor choice. For example, surrounding a wooden dining room table with metal chairs provides a striking contrast.

Ever since the Tolix Metal A Frame style was introduced in the 1930’s, the best industrial engineers in the business have been working to improve upon the original design. That’s literally decades of meticulous improvements, all with the goal of creating a better, longer-lasting product!

 You won’t find that kind of quality work just anywhere, so don’t settle for less than the best! Check out our Tolix Rustic Metal Chairs on the McCourt Manufacturing website. 

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