When the sun is shining and summer is in full swing, I cannot think of anything better than a barbecue. The smell of grilled goodness, music blasting, good friends, and good drinks really just is the epitome of summer for me. So, why not use this classic event as a memorable company bbq cookoff! 

This is a fantastic way to boost morale, create teamwork, and make some awesome memories. Let’s turn up the heat and get everyone fired up for success!



You should choose a spacious, outdoor venue whether that is a rentable space or a local park. Make sure to use quality tables and chairs that can take the heat, lots of wear and tear, and are made for outdoor use. You can find multiple options on our website here. Make sure there is ample space to set up grilling stations and room for all guests to enjoy the festivities. 

Now, to make this a real competition, divide your team into various groups. You can do so based on job roles, departments, or anything else. Encourage them to make creative team names and brainstorm recipes with each other. 

Provide each group with the essentials like the grills, charcoal/propane, utensils, and basic ingredients. Let them know they are responsible for any extras beyond the necessities!



Get a few people to be the judges and set clear criteria on taste, presentation, creativity, and teamwork.

 Now for entertainment, while the teams are cooking, make sure there is music, lawn games like cornhole, and maybe even a photobooth. Make sure to have plenty of seating too! 

After the competition, let everyone dig in, but also consider giving out various awards beyond the winner. It could be for the most creative recipe and anything in between. Consider company merch, local business gift cards, or just a simple trophy for all the winners.


Hosting a company BBQ is a surefire way to build morale, promote a positive work environment, and celebrate the summer! Fire up the grills and unleash your creativity in this friendly competition.


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