As we inch closer to springtime, I am fiending for the temperatures to rise. I currently live in London, so you can imagine my Oklahoma-raised self was shocked at the freezing temperatures coming early and staying late in the seasons. Anyhow, this just makes the urge for springtime to come even faster!

One of my favorite things about spring is that it takes the blues out of people, and everyone is ready to party! In fact, I am going to a spring gala in London in March, and I am so excited. However, it got me thinking about how someone else could throw their own gala. Immediately I started thinking about chairs and tables that fit the vibe, and of course, I knew McCourt Manufacturing would have the answers.

A spring gala to me is an event that is light, airy, and sophisticated, but not too fussy. It just exudes understated elegance. That being said, the Chiavari Stacking Chair is simply the only answer.

Image Courtesy of Vogue and Corey Tenold

I know I talk a big talk with this chair style, but it really is out here doing the most. It is understated and extremely versatile. It is perfect for so many different types of events, and it is definitely perfect for a spring gala.

I would suggest the white Chiavari Stacking Chair for a spring gala, and if you want to add extra comfort, pick up on of the white or ivory cushions made for the Chiavari Stacking Chair.

For tables, I would choose something suitable for large groups of people so definitely check the website for options.

A gala would not be complete without some dancing, so definitely think about your venue space and if the Ovation Dancing Floor is a good fit for you. We suggest it for smaller venues looking to have some definite space separation to create cohesion and airiness.

For decorations, go with pastels and fresh flowers. It will make everything feel springy, airy, and fun. Plus, fresh flowers are so elegant, and they are a tried and true method for making a space look great.

Be sure to include a dress code on your invites and let people know what is expected of them. Get to planning these spring galas now before venues sell out and calendars fill up!

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