Muda. It’s the Japanese word for “waste.” Following the Japanese inspired philosophy of lean manufacturing, McCourt products cut as much waste or unnecessary activity as possible, in order to provide efficient service, and keep products affordable. However, this process does not cut down on quality, it simply takes the resources needed, excellent design and functionality, and delivers a product that endures. McCourt offers a quality product because of our use of lean manufacturing. 

To bring a quality product, one does not have to have an excess of materials: one needs only the best of materials. McCourt utilizes smart designs and good materials to deliver a range of excellent products. With simple components of good quality, McCourt can offer various products of detail and design in order to meet different budgets. 

The Econolite Plastic Folding Chair uses the same basic, durable design as other lines from McCourt, but this line is affordable for smaller budgets. At McCourt, there is no struggle to sacrifice quality over quantity -- customers get the same quality at an affordable price.


Although not as costly to purchase in bulk as other styles carried by McCourt, this line still has hermetically sealed blow mold tops to prevent biological contamination, a polyethylene plastic top for weathering the elements, and a lightweight design that is easily stored and cleaned. 

As the design becomes more detailed, the price naturally increases, but all of the products offered have the fundamental elements of high quality products. Nothing at McCourt is cheaply made, even if it is more affordable.


The luxury of the product is a testament to the quality of design. The Chiavari line comes in a metallic stacking chair that boasts a popular look at many events and businesses. The colors range, to fit decor combinations, but the powder is baked on in a process that provides a durable finish. This chair is welded aluminum, waterproof, and will not crack or split. The look is elegant, but practical, as it stacks six high. 

With the same look, the Chiavari Illusion Chair, reaches the height of elegant design and quality of product. The trending look of a clear chair at weddings and banquets, even in interior design, is perfectly met by the Illusion Chair. McCourt carries a product that is lightweight, holds 1,000 lbs. of static weight and is UV treated to prevent any discoloration. Even though they look like a glass slipper, the Illusion Chair stacks ten chairs high, and it’s high impact polycarbonate make can be used both indoors and out-of-doors.


McCourt does not sacrifice quality over quantity. The products featured on our site and in our catalog provide the best quality we can manufacture, at prices for all budgets, while considering functionality and practicality. Look over all that we have to offer. We’ll find exactly what you need, in the style and color best suited for our venue or event. Should you have questions, call us, email us, we always are there to help!

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