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Planning events for the spring either begin now or details for a spring event are finalized within the next few months. Fundraisers, weddings, and graduations fill the spring calendar as the weather warms and the flowers bloom. These events need tables to hold delicious hors-d'oeuvres, gifts, awards, and diplomas. McCourt Manufacturing produces tables for simple needs, tables perfect for catering, and tables that add variety to any event. 

The Commercialite® Folding Table by McCourt is simple, durable and can fit many sizing and shape needs. There are four sizing categories: seminar, banquet, round, and bench.  It’s perfect for outdoor events with a weatherproof and UV inhibited design, but can easily be used indoors and stored anywhere as all styles fold down.


Many venues must invest in tables for long-term indoor use. McCourt Manufacturing proudly provides the Laminate Folding Tables for events that must look professional but can do so without the use of tablecloths. These tables feature the look of granite, wood, and cherry. For a modern, sleek look, a timeless black or graphite is a color option. 

Shapes for the Laminate series range from seminar to serpentine, to the traditional round or banquet. A bar shelf can even be purchased to match the color and shape for events such as conferences and conventions: it’s perfect for catered events.


Laminate Folding

Big events host tables full of people, but there are minglers and those who break off into conversation in smaller, more intimate groups. The ProRent™ Plywood Pedestal Table and the Flip Top Pedestal Table suit these needs. The difference in the tables comes down to look, use, and storage. The ProRent™ Plywood Pedestal Table is a laminate that looks sleek without the need for any covering. Color options include granite, walnut, and black. The table comes in three parts and amounts can be stored in carts. The Flip Top Pedestal Table looks less professional but functions the same and can be an interesting element at receptions and ceremonies where tablecloths highlight the shape and height of the table. When the event concludes, this table easily flips down the top and is quickly flattened for easy storage. Check them out here.

Spring is on the way and so are your events! Whatever the need, McCourt has a product that holds up indoors, outdoors, and promotes any style or function for your venue or business. Take a look at our products online, in our catalog, and ask us questions at 479-783-2593 or 800-333-2687!





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