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The Party Pack is the ultimate package to get the ultimate set-up for your event. It is a set of eight pedestal tables and a storage cart that can hold everything and more. It makes set-up, tear-down, and storage easier than making a bowl of cereal. We all know how tiring and annoying it can be to store tables and chairs in a way that is easy to access and not damaging to the products.

Party throwing should be easy—simple as that. So, why not make it even easier when you’ve got a storage cart like this. It’s even better that this comes with eight sturdy pedestal tables that are the most versatile tables you’ll ever have. If you are interested in reading more about how to use the pedestal tables for different parties, you can read that here.

You also don’t need to throw a huge party to find uses for the Party Pack. These are super durable and built out of strong materials that can last through event rental, conventions, and even other hospitality-based events.

Let’s get into the details about how they are made and what comes with the pack:

  • These have large wheels with metal casters that will glide smoothly across all floor types and have 360 mobility.
  • It features the most effective storage solution that can store tables and even chairs.
  • 8 30” and 42” columns
  • 8 pedestal bases
  • 8 pedestal table tops

The storage cart is innovative and effectively uses its space to get the most out of it. Storage solution to the max!

The tables are made with the same high quality as our other pedestal tables, and they are truly made to last for years!  The same can be said for the metal storage cart too. Durability is our specialty. If you are looking for something that can make parties and events easy to host or even just for special occasions at your business… this is the party pack for you.

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