The Superb Chair from McCourt Manufacturing is really one for the books. It has that classic curve, smooth backing, and built for comfort. If you’re looking for convenience and class, then you have come to the right place! This chair is one of the many classic options we have available to you for any type of occasion. However, if you are going for the super classic and timeless banquet look, this chair is absolutely the one to choose.

However, let’s not limit our options. If you are looking for something a little different than a black, and quite superb (Ha!), chair then perhaps consider the Chiavari Chair for something trendy or you can even do the Alloyfold Fanback Chair for ultimate ease in design and storage.

Yet, today we are here to talk about the best of the best for banqueting chairs: The Superb Chair.

I have this idea, right, for the most suave banquet theme ever! James. Bond.

Look, if you are going to host a fancy banquet for whatever business or organization you are a part of, then why not take it to the max with a James Bond black tie event! Have everyone dress in their best tuxedos, the most flowing dresses and so forth to really seal the deal. With the Superb Chair, you will be able to tie together any element you add to create the perfect James Bond banquet.

One of my favorite 007 movies is Casino Royale, so I would highly suggest making the banquet, especially if it is for charitable reasons, to make a black tie, Casino Royale, casino night! That is easy to pull together with table games and donations! For each table for both food purposes and the table games, you can use these superb chairs. They are so comfortable, sleek, and truly made for an event like this.

Even if you don’t choose a James Bond, Casino Royale type beat, these chairs can be used for plenty more. Use their versatility and your imagination to create something great.

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