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My biggest tips for Memorial Day cookouts and other events have plenty of seating, but make it casual. People don’t love to be separated by tables at events like these. Consider plenty of cushions, stand-alone chairs, and even a few pedestal style tables. Keep it casual, and keep it cool.


The same can be said for the food. Keep it easy and casual with things like burgers, hot dogs, grilled veggies, and so forth. People are there to relax and soak up the summer vibes. Just let it be, and get your summer going with a Memorial Day cookout.


So with casual seating and food in mind, let’s get a few ideas of what kind of vibe we are going for.


As previously mentioned we are going for casual vibes. So, once again, I suggest using the Flip Top Pedestal table. Not only are these great and easy to store, but they work beautifully for casual events meant for mingling.


The Flip Top Pedestal Table is sure to wow the crowd.


As for chairs, since Memorial Day cookouts and other such events are primarily done outdoors, we recommend using any of our foldable chairs. Just like the table, these are easy to put up and store when not in use. They can easily be moved around the space, so these are great when extra chairs are needed, or people would like to meander a bit around the space.


You can look at every foldable chair we offer at this link here.


For your food solutions, look to the Chillin’ products for the best answer! We have several food and drink tables that are made for events just like these.



Also, don’t forget what Memorial Day is truly about, and pay your respects to those that have sacrificed their lives for this country.

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