America loves HGTV. We consume hours of flipping houses, remodeling drama, and hunting for the perfect home decor. Even the hosts of these shows now feature as celebrities. People recognize the quality of the programming and the design featured on this network, and people pay close attention to advertisements as well. It’s no surprise that some of McCourt’s own furniture found its way onto some of these now popular furniture and decor sites.


So what are some of the popular pieces? Well, if events are your business, it won’t surprise you to find stacking chairs, folding chairs, tables, and other event pieces featured prominently on sites such as Wayfair. Our Chiavari line of stacking chairs, various folding chair series, and event carts fill the page. The Series 5 Fanback Folding Chair, Series 5 Plastic Folding Chair, and the Gladiator Folding Chair feature very different designs, but hold to the same purpose: comfortable, durable seating. Each set comes in traditional colors, but a few can meet the more fantastic designer demands in bold colors like bright green, blue, and burgundy.


It is not just enough to have products shown on such sites; reviews play an important role on our business. Yet again, our products prove quality, durability, and pleasing design. With most products receiving excellent written reviews, and the honor of five stars, customers can read and judge for themselves that McCourt Manufacturing makes the most of design and the manufacturing of practical products.

Lightweight but well made. What I like most about this chair is that it has space for your hand to pick up the chair by the back. A lot of chairs of this style do not have this feature. I am going to order extra caps for the legs as I can see them getting scuffed up badly with any type of use.

Sally from Lebanon, OR - VERIFIED BUYER  Check out this review on Wayfair.com

 McCourt isn’t just featured for seating concerning venues centered around events, but for businesses like restaurants and cafes as well. The television and the internet changed the way we conduct business, and where we conduct business. Coffee bars and home kitchens have their distinguishing features, but increasingly look similar due to design trends. The new concern of any local coffee bar or eatery isn’t just food, but also Wi-Fi, decor, and seating. Chairs such as the Series 5 are perfect for some of these establishments, but the Chiavari chair finds itself with the characteristics of style, popularity, and stackability. Any business owner catering to the coffee connoisseur/portable business person needing a place to work and get their caffeine fix, can count on the style and practicality of McCourt chairs.


The investment in products that last, offer comfort, and fit a variety of both styles and budgets, is well worth it. Our products boast the pride and hardworking element of American manufacturing, while fitting into the mold of many versions of achieving the American dream: From opening up a restaurant, to hosting weddings, McCourt is there for any home, lawn, garden, or business. Visit our site. Browse our catalog. We can help you find exactly what you need to keep your business, and your dream, working in excellence.

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