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Folding chairs are one of the most popular choices for event seating. And for good reason! Folding chairs offer the best options for any event, with a wide variety of frame materials, seating, colors, and styles. Let’s explore some of these options and find the best combination for you!


Frame material is the most important thing to consider when shopping for folding chairs. McCourt Manufacturing’s folding chairs are made from the best materials on the market!


Metal is a great choice for indoor or outdoor folding chairs! The materials used for metal folding chairs are usually either aluminum or steel. This is because aluminum is lightweight and more resistant to rusting and corrosion than any other metal. While folding chairs made from steel tend to be less expensive, more heat resistant, and able to support heavier loads.

Check out McCourt’s Series 5 and Series A5 for a look at our metal folding chairs! McCourt Manufacturing is the only company that makes these top-rated chairs right here in the US. That means lower shipping costs for customers and more customizable options! Now offering customizable colors!


Chairs made from plastic material are usually super lightweight and easy to maneuver! Plastic folding chairs are ideal for outdoor use because they’re super easy to clean!

Check out McCourt’s Econolite® Plastic Folding Chairs. Our plastic folding chairs are made from high-grad polyethylene, which is an extremely tough plastic polymer. They are also treated against UV light exposure to prevent discoloration from prolonged outdoor use.


Folding chairs made of resin are the most durable option. Quality resin material is rock-solid and the same color material straight-through, which comes in handy for sanding down accumulated imperfections in the frame. They are an excellent choice for outdoor events, as they are also UV stabilized in order to prevent fading, while also being incredibly scratch resistant.

Like what you’ve heard so far? Then you should check out the Gala Resin Series Chair on our website! It’s a heavy duty folding chair option, able to support up to 1000 lbs!


Padded seats are often used in an effort to make folding chairs more comfortable. Check out our exclusive seating pad that clips on or off for easy cleaning!

Drain holes are very handy for seats without padding material. They ensure that the seat remains dry by draining any excess fluid that was rained/spilled onto it.


There are many different special features that can be built into folding chairs. Here are a few McCourt exclusives:  

Ganging Clips for Series 5 and A5 Chairs

Ganging clips are used to keep the Series 5 and A5 chairs properly aligned and evenly spaced.

Series 5 Chair Feet

Check out the replacement feet for the Series 5 folding chair! They all fit 3/4" diameter frames. Available in:

·         Beige

·         Black

·         White

Touch Up Paint

Cover up any scuffs or scratches on your chair frames! Available in:

·         Bronze

·         Gray

·         Classic White

·         Neutral

Pro Tip: Appliance paint from the hardware store can easily be used for chairs with black or white frames.


Check out some of McCourt’s expertly crafted folding chairs by browsing our website or by calling (800) 333-2687 today! 

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