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Guys! I am about to be a college graduate! I seriously graduate in about two weeks, and that is wild to me. I am pretty excited, as I am a dual degree. As you can imagine, my workload was kind of insane. Regardless of how many breakdowns I had, I am so grateful for the lessons learned during my college career. I will be pursuing a Masters in Art History, so I am not done with school quite yet! However, this is definitely a time where I can say I am closing a chapter of my life and opening the next!


Anyways, my life story ignored, there are going to be lots of graduation parties happening—both high school and college! So, with that in mind, people are going to have to get their grad party ideas together pretty quickly!


I think it is always good to go with the classic vibes, and something that isn’t fussy. Graduations are usually filled with tons of emotions—excitement, stress, relief, and everything in between. So, why make the party any stress? Just take out all the worries and use the Flip Top Pedestal Table.



I have talked about how much I think these tables are great. They are fantastic for just moving around a party area without feeling constricted to sitting at a table. I think that is perfect for a graduation because of how much socializing goes on at these types of parties. All your family members, friends, and maybe even some teachers!


It does not matter who shows up, what matters is that you have the appropriate party tables that fit your party vibe. In short, use the pedestal tables for maximum movement and freedom at your party. Maybe you’re trying to avoid a particular someone… the pedestal tables allow you to mingle every which way.  


Don’t cause yourself any more stress. Graduation parties should be times of enjoyment. So, give yourself some grace and get a  Flip Top Pedestal Table.


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