As the sun starts shining and the days get longer, there is an undeniable sense of anticipation for the sweetness of summer in the air. Summer is the time for celebrations, gatherings, and making such wonderful memories. Anything feels possible in the summer, and what is a better way to kick off a summer of fun than with a summer gala extravaganza? 

Summer galas transcend party status; they are simply an experience. A swimming combination of elegance, sophistication, and spirited fun. Think about your venue being adorned with twinkling lights, vibrant decorations, and guests dressed in fantastic cocktail attire. They are ready to immerse themselves in the glamour and have one heck of a good time!



Summer galas are buzzing with excitement, so create a theme that exudes just that. Think about including a champagne wall by the bar area where guests can grab and go flutes of champagne to tip the evening off with a dazzling start. Whether your gala is a fundraiser, corporate event, wedding reception, or another type of social gathering, there is a special sort of community that brings people together in celebration of life and community. 

For the most dazzling of galas, use the McCourt Manufacturing options to bring your venue decorations to level 10. Think about the classic Chiavari Chairs and how much I hype these up. They are simply perfect for a summer gala, and I can never recommend these enough. 

For tables, go for a classic choice like the Legacy Table or a round option with stellar table coverings and decorations. Think fairy lights, flowers, and opulence.



Keep decorations summery, light, and airy. That is the way to do it. As the evening unfolds, treat your guests to gourmet cuisines, small bites, and signature cocktails. Look to local caterers for these services to support your local economy and build up relationships with local businesses. 

A summer gala is more than an event, and you can make it a night to be talked about for ages.

 Make it the event of the season, do not miss out on the opportunity to host the glamour event of the summer.

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