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I was reading Venue Professional Magazine the other day and came across an article entitled “What’s Changed Forever?” talking about facility/venue management in a post-COVID world. The article focused on the event industry taking a step back and looking at the shifts of the industry and how it should adapt to the “new normal.” It focused on several areas such as living with change and uncertainty. Admittedly, when I first started reading the article, I was a bit offended that it compared what is going on today to 9/11. In my opinion, these two events are not related. However, the further I read, the more I realized their comparisons are quite similar. For instance, the section heading called, Cleaning Takes Center Stage, talks about how post-9/11, many safety changes had to take place to avoid another similar tragedy. The author makes a valid point, that he is no longer surprised when he goes to a meeting at an office building and he is asked to show his ID, have his picture taken, and wear a badge. He compares the post-9/11 security processes to today’s critically important cleaning and janitorial operations. Additional cleaning and disinfecting are expected from clients. How do you plan to accomplish this and assure that your clients feel safe to patronize your facility?

McCourt Manufacturing makes several products that are easy to clean and will hold up to today’s necessary cleaning agents.

The Commercialite® Table has a polyethylene plastic top making it easy to clean and disinfect. It comes in four shapes: Seminar, Banquet, Round, and Bench to accommodate any space.

The Econolite® Plastic Folding Table and Chairs are also made of easy-to-clean polyethylene plastic. It is hermetically sealed against biological contamination. The table comes in two shapes: Banquet and Round.

McCourt Manufacturing is here for all your hospitality needs just as they have been for nearly four decades. Take a peek at their catalog or chat with them online.

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