Chiavari cushions

We’ve all been at an event where the majority of the time we are sitting. Maybe it was a wedding, a gala, or a charity dinner. Regardless of what it was, we all were sitting for some extended period of time. Sometimes those chairs are the worst. They never have any comfort, and they make those prolonged periods of sitting a terrible time.

I know we have all thought it before… we are sitting at the event and someone is talking, but you can’t even pay attention because of your discomfort! You’re thinking, goodness please stop talking! Let me stand! So, when you are throwing your own events, you should be thinking about how exactly to NOT let this happen. The comfort of your guests is just as important as anything else, but sometimes it seems hard to avoid with the chairs needed for huge events.

Not to worry! The Chiavari Cushions are perfect to add comfort to your event without sacrificing style.

These hold superior comfort and fit perfectly on our Chiavari Chairs. These are great for events that need a little more elevation in style. Think… local Met Gala status. If you’re looking for elegance, these have you covered. They come in several colors, ranging from white to even gold! They match perfectly with our black  Chiavari Cushions and our ivory and white ones as well.

The Chiavari Cushions are an asset to your party and event furniture essentials. Your guests will be able to party all day and night long with their new and improved seating situation. Get maximum comfort for your guests to truly up the pizazz of your parties. 

Contact McCourt Manufacturing for pricing on both the Chiavari Chairs and Chiavari Cushions to get you ready for your next party or event today!

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