I am a big charcuterie fan. No, actually I am the biggest charcuterie fan. I love nothing more than a good grazing board or anything with an abundance of cheese and bread on it. Literally my two favorite things: cheese and wine. The only thing that I probably love more is wine. Oh but how perfect… wine goes PERFECTLY with charcuterie.

No, it is not coincidental that I am writing about this as I drink a glass of red wine. Perhaps I was influenced…

Anyways, none of that is too important. What is important is convincing each and every one to throw a lovely little charcuterie party.

Another area of influence for me that really got me thinking about this, is absolutely the most perfect table for a grazing-centric party: the Flip Top Pedestal Table. I know, you wish you would have thought about that first.

Just kidding. However, I am not kidding about this table being perfect. You can put a different grazing board on each of the tables and have a fun variety of things. Grazing boards require tables that are easy to graze. Therefore, the flip top pedestal table is the most perfect choice. It allows mobility of guests without sacrificing table space.

Go ahead and tell those guests to each bring a different type of grazing board. As much as I was hyping up the cheese and bread, I love a good dessert board or even something with pickles or genuinely anything else you want. It would be wise to have a sign-up sheet for the guests so that no one brings a duplicate. You will also want to suggest bringing different drinks, whether that be wine or the ever-trending Negroni Sbagliato.

No one is limited by what they can bring, which makes this even more fun. Get your guests to be creative! This not only takes off the pressure to cook a phenomenal 10-course meal off the host, but it really does let the guests be part of the party!

Trust me, everyone will be plenty full after snacking all night and drinking their fun little drinks. This is guaranteed to be a good time.

Get a few of the  the Flip Top Pedestal Tables and get rolling!

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