With school about to start, we are sure to see schools trying to find and replace chairs in classrooms, school theatres, and every other place in need! Schools can take a beating in terms of their tables and chairs from year to year. It can be a hassle trying to figure out which kind of chairs and tables would work best and be durable for more than just the year!

So, we have rounded up a list of the best items from McCourt that will be sure to last throughout the school year and years to come! Our products are perfect for any classroom, auditorium, and so much more! McCourt Manufacturing has the best products that are guaranteed to not only fit your needs but exceed expectations!

Alright, so let’s get started!

For all the choir and music classes along with the school auditorium, these Auditorium Chairs are the perfect fit. No music student will want to sit on a scratchy, plastic chairs while playing an instrument or singing the high notes! Treat them with these chairs, and get the best bang for your buck with these durable fabric chairs.

Now, for art classrooms, no ordinary desk will do when students want to get creative! Go for something bigger and affordable with our laminate tables. These are easy to clean if any paint or markers get on the tables, so rest easy with knowing that you could easily get it off! These are made for high demand spaces, so what could be better than to use it in the classroom!

Finally, if you’re looking for something for smaller students, then go for our Kids Klassic Folding Chair so that you can have a perfect addition to the classroom that is made the little ones. These can be used in tons of situations and it can help make learning great with the portability of the chairs for whatever the occasion might be!

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