Easter is such a cute holiday. The pastels, the florals, the eggs, and not to mention the adorable

little bunnies! I think it is the epitome of spring in full swing in many ways, which means better

weather, more outdoor time, etc. What is not to love about that? This is why I propose

an excellent garden brunch for Easter this year. With tables and chairs from McCourt Manufacturing, you can make a brunch come true!

Oh, did I mention, I love brunch? I know I am submitting to the “basic brunch

girlie” vibe, but I do not care! I love the idea of brunch in general. The food choices, the drinks,

the cute restaurants, the entire vibe! It just gets everyone buzzing in the best way possible.

So, let’s go ahead and emulate that for Easter this year.

Definitely create a fun little tablescape to get the vibe together. I have one of my favorite examples below.

Courtesy of CatchmyParty.com

Now, let's get onto chairs. I have three suggestions for this year’s Easter brunch.

  1. Chiavari Stacking Chair (A Personal and Longtime Favorite)
  2. Garden Resin Folding Chair (A New Favorite)
  3. Alloyfold Fanback Chair (A Classic and Versatile Choice

All of these are great choices to create one awesome garden brunch.

As for a menu, think of something fun and sweet! Think about things like French toast,

pancakes, chicken & waffles, fruit sides, mimosas, and other such dishes. This will really add to the pastel and springtime vibes, so go for it. If you are not into cooking all of this yourself, either check out some local brunch restaurants to see if you can either decorate a few tables at the restaurant or get them to cater for you!

Oh, and don’t forget the Easter egg hunt afterward!

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