I love autumn! I will say it over and over again, and I seriously do not care. Judge me all you want! Just kidding, I will eventually stop talking about fall, but as soon as that happens, I will just move onto Christmas.

Regardless of any of that, let’s talk about a wonderful autumn harvest party that will have your guests swooning!

Any time is a good time for a harvest in my opinion. I am talking breakfast, lunch, dinner, or all three!

You can do tons of things for each meal with the flavor bases of what I consider fall flavors.

Apples, pumpkins, and just oh-so much more!

This harvest can be anything you want it to be, and that is what makes it great. IF you choose a breakfast harvest, why not make some delicious apple crumble muffins or some pumpkin bread! A delicious pumpkin spice latte will be a fan favorite for sure.

Even if you mix it and make that a brunch situation, those still work, and you can even include some spiked cider or mimosas for some extra fun.

Another great thing about a brunch harvest is that there is so much overlap in between the early day versus later day foods that you can surely have something pleases each and every person. If you choose to do a dinner, then you could easily make some delicious mulled wine, pumpkin pie, and you know, the whole works.

For decorations think fun and fresh! I’m talking get all the gourds, pumpkins, and greenery you can find! Throw in a little plaid table runner, and you are golden. Some fabulous candles are also worth putting in there. Trust me it will be stunning.

Last but not least, we need a table! I keep talking about all these things we should get for this autumn harvest, but I never mentioned the most perfect table for an autumn harvest.

Meet the Rustic Farmhouse Table and Chairs.

It is the perfect edition to any autumn harvest, you will not regret it. It gives that airy and simple feel we are looking for with some true craftmanship sophistication. Go crazy, and get wild with your ideas for an autumn harvest this year. Get the perfect table from McCourt Manufacturing and live those fall dreams.


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