Are you looking for a selection of top-quality folding chairs? Check out McCourt Manufacturing’s line of Series 5TM and Series A5TM stackable folding chairs! They are the only chairs of their kind still made in the United States, using American-certified manufacturing materials.

Why You Should Buy American

Domestic manufacturing companies are the best option for buyers looking for quality products at a reasonable price! International shipping costs, unreliable supply chains, and the use of cheap construction materials are just a few of the complications customers are likely to encounter with overseas companies.

All McCourt manufactured products are built using superior, industrial-grade materials. Our products undergo a strict product certification process with rigorous performance testing to ensure our customers get the best, longest-lasting craftsmanship available.

Series 5TM and A5TM Stackable Folding Chairs

The Series 5TM and A5TM Folding Chairs from McCourt Manufacturing are the only ones completely produced in the United States! These classic designs are perfect for indoor or outdoor use.

The Series 5TM folding chair is made from tempered U.S. steel, providing a sturdy base that supports up to 275 lbs. Click here to learn all about the McCourt Series 5TM powder coating and treatment regimen that provides an extra layer of toughness against weather corrosion!

The Series A5TM folding chairs are made with an aluminum frame that provides a lightweight design without losing any of the heavy-duty features that provide both comfort and support. Chairs made from aluminum are ultra-resistant to rusting, and the stainless steel rivets and hinges offer double protection against corrosion!

Looking for a more eye-catching design? Check out the new FanbackTM model of both the Series 5TM and the Series A5TM folding chairs!

Both of these chairs sport industrial strength braces that have been thoroughly stress tested. Their chair feet are made from linear low density polyethylene to provide a no-slip grip. Both folding chairs’ seats and backs are made from 100% virgin polypropylene (virgin materials have not been previously broken down and reused, they’re of a higher quality). This material has anti-static and ultra violet additives to prevent fading from outdoor use. The seats are also stain resistant, with drain holes to ensure they remain dry for your guests.

Check out the custom color options available for these folding chairs by clicking here!

The Series 5TM and Series A5TM folding chairs are made from durable U.S. components, for long-term use. McCourt is so confident they will meet all our customers’ needs, we offer a full 3 year limited warranty (under normal use) for the Series 5TM and Series A5TM folding chairs. Check out more products under our certified guarantee in our McCourt Catalog!

Transportation & Storage

Stackable folding chairs are ideal for limited storage spaces. With the Series 5TM and Series A5TM folding chairs, transportation and storage is a made simple! Check out some of their specifications that enable easy storage and maneuverability:

McCourt’s EVENTruxTM Dispatch Systems make moving and storing your folding chairs a breeze! Check out the truck systems that are specially designed to hold the Series 5TM and Series A5TM folding chairs:


Because we produce the Series 5TM and Series A5TM chairs domestically, there’s no need to wait weeks to receive more stock! For great deals and discount options, ask us about purchasing chairs in bulk at 479-783-2593 or 800-333-2687!

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