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The ProRent Plywood Folding Serpentine Table is a product that is a showstopping game changer. Yes, that sounds dramatic, but I am being serious. This is a curved double-decker table that is quite literally perfect for serving food or drinks on for any event—large or small! If you are looking for a way to aesthetically display your food in a centralized and separate location, this is seriously the table for you. Also not to mention its function as a bartender’s area for any wedding reception, large dinner event, or even just a birthday party.

The dual tabletops allow for more to be displayed, whether that is a vegetable tray or dessert bar or a way to display the alcohol offered at the event without compromising space. There is no other table like this, and I am telling you, there is no better option for your events than the ProRent Plywood Folding Serpentine Table.

What is even better about this table?

It is a folding table, therefore it is perfect for easy setup, tear down, and storage! With something as simple as this, you’d be wrong to not invest or rent one for your next event. The holiday season is coming up, and that means the event season is about to start rocking. Make sure you are well-prepared and ready to elevate your next event with this table!

Another important aspect to consider when investing in new party supplies is the construction and quality. With McCourt Manufacturing, you can be assured that it is made of top qualities materials with careful attention. This features Bolt-Through construction and wishbone folding legs that are sturdy and lockable. Both sides of the tabletop are stained in a medium oak color and then coated with a PolyCoat finish for added reliability and easy cleanup.

Be well assured that with this table, you are investing in a top-quality product that will make your events go smoother and look great! Take the stress out of event planning and invest in something that will last forever!

Call McCourt Manufacturing to talk about this product and get more details on how to have it at your next event.

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